The power of the BROW!


The power of the BROW!

Brows at The Nail Boutique

Now the bold brow is in, which we are very happy about, thin brows don’t look good on anyone. When it came back for a nanosecond in the ’90s, even the supermodels looked awful with a pencil thin brow. Makeup can be trendy, but eyebrows should be classic. You want to look at a picture of yourself in 20 years and say, ‘Wow, beautiful!’ You shouldn’t look at the picture and think about what the eyebrow trend was at that time. And some of us have those pictures from the 90’s where the eyebrows resembled a thin Mc Donald’s M on our forehead!!! Really great beauties like Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor or Grace Kelly, any picture of them that you look at, they’re classic beauties. They could walk into the room today and they’d look great with their eyebrows.”

So for those of us who have over tweezed our brows what can be done?

How can you make hair grow back? It hasn’t grown back in the last 10years so what next?

We have two options for you.

  1. The Wow Brow – 20 Euro

A 5 step brow treatment to get your brows on the right track to the perfect shape.

Think of it as brow rehab.

First we will discuss your preferences with shapes and colours and how you would eventually like your brows to be. Our brow expert will be on hand to give you their opinion on what will suit you best and what is achievable. A strong tint is applied and left to develop while you lie back and relax. Your brows are then preened to perfection! Your brow artist will then show you how to fill in the gaps if needed with make up while particular areas grow back. Each time you return a little more will grow back in the areas needed and your new brows will develop. This will take time and for some unfortunately the hair does not grow back, so this option is not for everyone. However some clients are happy to confidently fill in the gaps on a daily basis as part of their make-up routine once they have mastered the look.


2. Microblading – 300 Euro including top up.

This is a semi permanent service. A consultation is the first step, Our microblading expert (Emma) trained with Eliazbeth Oakes who is one of the leading specialists in semi-permanent makeup who previously worked in Harley street before returning to Ireland to set up a very successful and world renowned business in Dublin ‘The European Institute of semi-permanent make up’

Emma will discuss what would suit you best and the eyebrows will be drawn in with pencil so that you can feel comfortable and secure with regard to the end result. Skin is numbed with a topical anaesthetic. A small microblading tool is used to perform hair like strokes in areas where there is no hair. A long lasting dye (12-18 months) is then applied onto the skin. This is NOT a tattoo! . We stress this point as we felt it was important to have a service where your brows could change with you over the years unlike tattoo’s.  This process is instant it really does change the whole face and looks natural. You then return to the salon three weeks later and the dye is redone to ensure longevity of results at this point minor alterations can be done to your requirements , clients usually ask for more hair like strokes at this stage as they love their new brows and have more confidence to plunge in! Below is a before and after picture as you can see the eyebrows have been extended greatly and look like real hair strokes, there is a slight redness following treatments due to the procedure this fades after 2-3 days to give a natural colour.


If you have any further queries or question you can make an appointment for a free consultation for microblading or you can call us at the salon on 087 4419456 if we are busy please leave a message and we will return your call that day.