Fungal Nail Infections & How To Treat Effectively

Fungal Nail Infections & How To Treat Effectively

Fungal Nail Infection

Fungal nail infections (medically known as onychomycosis) usually start as a white or yellow streak under the tip of your finger or toenail. You may begin to feel uncomfortable or experience pain as the infection spreads – your infected nail usually changes appearance and becomes brittle, discoloured, and crumbles easily. Fungal nail infections are contagious, and although it can be embarrassing it is important for you to treat it as soon as you spot the symptoms because it will not clear up on its own.

Most Nail fungus occurs under the nail plate so it is important to address the problem with a treatment that can attack the fungus at source.

Using creams that contain Clotrimazole have been shown to be successful at getting rid of Nail fungus. This is found in Canesten and they have brought a new product to the market that claims to clear nail fungus in 2-3 weeks it is called Canespro and is available from your pharmacy.


There are some products online claiming to be very successful but be aware that there is a lot of false advertising on the internet one of the main products is Zenclear and is very expensive. There are homeopathic treatment that work such as soaking three time daily in tea tree oil however they will take months if not years and during this time you have to keep your nails as short as possible so that the treatment can work on the fungus beneath the nail plate.


There are oral medications that you can get on prescription from your GP there is debate on the side effects of these treatments with regards to liver enzyme damage. This can be discussed with your G.P.

If you require an immediate solution to the problem Laser treatment is the best, easiest and quickest solution. This treatment is available in Dundrum clinic.

You should consult your doctor if you see a green-yellowish or black pigmentation of your nail or underneath your nail. If you suffer from diabetes or if you’re pregnant, seek advice from your doctor before starting any treatment.

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