Get The Most From Your Nails

Get The Most From Your Nails


So you’ve just gotten your nails done and want to keep them as pretty and perfect for as long as possible, follow our advice below to get the most from your nails!

– Wear gloves to protect your nails during housework or gardening, especially when immersing your hands in water as this can cause lifting.

– Some products can cause lifting and discolouration such as coconut oil, harsh cleaning products, food ingredients, chlorine, lemon juice, sun creams and alcohol hand sanitisers.

– Try not to use the tips of your nail extensions as tools! Too much force will cause them to lift or snap. Use the pads and sides of your fingers instead.

– If you have any lifting of your gel or acrylic please book in for a nail fix as soon as possible. If water gets between your nail bed and the product above it can become trapped and cause bacteria/fungus to grow. Make sure to get refills regularly to minimise lifting.

– Use Solar Oil (available for €2.95 in salon) day and night to enhance your nail service and give them a long lasting effect. This works particularly well with acrylic nails.

– Every 3 months we would advise having your gel or acrylic removed and a fresh new set applied so we can check your nail bed and ensure there is no cracks or sign of infection. We do this for a reduced price of €60.

– Please be advised that under no circumastances will we apply any shellac/gel polish/gel/acrylic products on a split or broken nail bed. It will create a warm dark moist environment for bacteria/fungus and will cause an infection which can lead to the loss of the nail. We always advise to keep the nail clean and wait for it to grow out to replace the extension.

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