How To Find The Perfect Brow Shape For Your Face


How To Find The Perfect Brow Shape For Your Face

There is no such thing as a one size fits all brow. We’ve created a guide below to help you on your brow journey to find your perfect shape. Of course, there is no rule to say you HAVE to have a certain brow shape, but these are the brows that will flatter your face shape the most..



A soft angled/soft round brow with a slight arch will suit a square shaped face best. A square face has a lot of angles and the aim is to soften these with the brows. Be careful not to go too arched or you will emphasis an angular jaw.



A high arch is the most flattering shape for a round face. A rounded face can lack definition, an arch will create more structure and lift the face up rather than drag it outwards. You should avoid a flat brow as it will make the face appear more wide.



With a longer face you should aim for soft arched brows with a longer tail (the outer end of the brow). You want to bring the brow up and out to create the appearance of a wider face to balance with the length of the face.



With a heart shaped face you want to avoid overly busy, thick brows, they may be on everyones wish list thanks to Cara Delevigne but they will do no favours to a heart shaped face. You want to balance out the petite chin and jaw, a very thick brow is going to emphasis it. Brows should be a natural shape, well groomed and tidy. The focus is already on the eyes and forehead you do not want to draw more attention to it.



If you have an oval face you can sit back and relax in the knowledge that any brow shape is going to be flattering. An oval face is symmetrical and can take any brow shape. A classic, well groomed and natural brow always works well and is flattering regardless of the current trend at that time.

As we said above, there are no rules when it comes to brows but we always believe in creating the perfect bespoke brow that will suit the client in front of us rather than whatever is on trend during that time. If you are looking to revamp your brows, or they are lacking a shape or style, our WOW BROW treatment may be the answer. We can help you retrain your brows into a suitable shape over time.