My Must Have Powder & Pout Makeup Brushes

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My Must Have Powder & Pout Makeup Brushes

We have recently starting stocking the Powder and Pout brushes here at The Nail & Lash Boutique and I’ve been loving playing with them, today I’m sharing some of my must have brushes from the range and how to use them. If you’d like to see more of my favourite brushes let me know!



I love a good stippling brush for my foundation. However the Hd Buffer is a little more dense than your usual stipple brush so I find you can get a little more coverage with it which is what I love about it, it leaves such a flawless finish and is an essential in any makeup bag.



There are many different uses for this angled brush. It can be used for gel liner for a precise application or to fill in brows. It has a very fine tapered tip so I find it very good for detail even to use it for eyeshadow under the eyes and around the corners. The angle and density of the brush means you can have a lot of control over the product and get it very precise for a nice crisp clean finish for liner and brows.


I love this brush for really getting into the outer corner of the eye to blend shadow. The hairs are firm but flexible so you can really work the brush and get a nice soft blend of colour. It has a slightly tapered top which I find great for bringing shadow across the lower lashes.


This is a lovely big fluffy  powder brush. I mainly just use this for my pressed or loose powder. Because of its big soft bristle I find I can use less products because it glides the product really evenly across the skin.


I find this brush works really well for applying cream contour precisely, it can also be used for baking as it has very dense bristles and a lot of product can be applied with one stroke.


I have been loving using the Powder & Pout range on both myself and clients, they are so affordable but yet really high quality. You can pick up one brush every so often to build your collection without breaking the bank! We have a full range of the brushes including individual brushes and brush sets in the salon for you to browse.


Katie, Makeup Artist, The Nail & Lash Boutique