Our Hygiene Policy

Our Hygiene Policy


Yes we admit it we are clean freaks! We take our sterilizing and sanitizing very seriously. Which we should, right? There are many diseases that can be spread through dirty nail tools. Unfortunately some salons are very relaxed when it comes to their hygiene policy.
So what is ours??
All of our nails, lash and brow tools are sterilized every night in a UV steriliser. When you come in the next day a new tool is taken out for you, and only you. Once used, this tool is placed into a jar of barbacide (Hospital–grade EPA approved broad–spectrum disinfectant) not to be used again. At the end of the day after all the clients leave, the used tools are removed from the barbacide and placed into the UV steriliser for another thorough cleaning to ensure there is nothing left behind. The next day the cycle begins again with a new tool taken out of the UV Steriliser for each client and placed into the barbacide after its been used. We have two UV Sterilisers to keep manicure and pedicure tools separate, and 3 barbacide jars to keep manicure, pedicure and lash/brow tools separate.

On top of our tools being squeaky clean, all our stations, chairs and sofa are sprayed daily with a fungicide disinfectant. Our pedicure station and footbath is cleaned after every client with fungicide disinfectant and bleach and all the door handles are wiped down and sprayed.

Take notice of what your regular salons hygiene policy is. It is essential to your safety.

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