Standards in the nail industry.


Standards in the nail industry.

Today we are carrying around hand sanitiser in our bags, most hand washes are antibacterial, we use antibacterial sprays on our home work surface but do we question the hygiene practices when we visit the nail or beauty salon??

As an unregulated industry I’m afraid it is up to the client to make wise and informed choices as to where they choose to have their nail services. We would like to offer some advice as we have a strict policy on hygiene and believe that the health of our clients are first and foremost in our everyday practice.

When you present your hands at your nail service you should be sprayed with a sanitising spray the station should have also been sanitised before you are seated. It is important that the correct sanitiser is used. Your average antibacterial is insufficient when performing certain services such as any nail treatments. The sanitisers needs to include a fungicide that kills and stops cross contamination of all bacteria including nail fungus. The best available at the moment in our opinion is Mundo and Barbicide and we use both.


Your nail technician should use a fresh sanitised nail cuticle pusher at the beginning of the service which is usually in a sterilising jar nearby. The files used should be clean and sprayed . If the file breaks your skin (this can happen!) then the file should be thrown away and certainly not used on the next client!!. Good practice always shows when a Nail technician is working in a clean well organised environment and takes care to clean and sanitise  at relevant stage of the service. If you are ever in doubt then you should ask about the salons hygiene practices and how they are recorded.