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We specialise in advance skin treatments that are the latest techniques used in anti-ageing treatments and problematic skin. Our therapists are trained in advance skincare to level 3 and 4. Our treatments range from prescriptive facials, chemical peels, medical Micro Needling, LED Phototherapy and the popular CACI Non-Surgical Lifting Facial. We have researched and chosen specific treatments and skincare treatments that are results driven and target the main key areas of clients concerns.

All of our treatments use the derma-ceutical range NIMUE, an advanced skin range. We also stock an extensive range for your home care regime. All our therapists are fully trained Nimue therapists and can assist in any questions with regards to suitability of products for each client concern.

We offer a free consultation service where you can book an appointment with our advanced skin therapist who will discuss a treatment plan with you.

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Below you will find an explanation of all treatments and the pricing


The Caci Non Surgical Lifting Treatment

Result: Lifting

The worlds most advanced Non-Surgical Face & Body Treatment, delivering results without surgery.

What is it?

There are not many treatments on the market that tackles the problem of sagging facial muscles without the extremes of surgery. The CACI Ultra machine uses a patent micro current to re-educate the facial muscles which tone sagging facial muscles and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is a painless procedure and is promoted by the celebrities as being the non-surgical face lift due to its effectiveness.

Caci award winning treatments use the very latest pioneering technologies and have been voted the most effective anti-ageing treatments available. Tiny electrical. Red light therapy effectively plump’s out deep lines and wrinkles providing a needle free alternative to collagen injections and other dermal fillers. A special skin peeling handset delivers a controlled and precise removal of superficial dead skin revealing a softer more youthful complexion. Light therapy has a bio-stimulatory and anti-bacterial healing action on the skin cells and has been proven to be particularly effective for the treatment of acne and skin blemishes.

Our CACI machine is the most versatile beauty machine offering a wide range of treatments for both Face and Body. Our Expert skin therapists here at The Skin Cellar have put together a variety of skin care treatments in order for you to get optimum results from your skin treatment.

CACI Classic Facial, 1 HOUR €90

This skin treatment uses electrical impulses to lift, firm and tone sagging muscles and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  The impulses are completely sub sensory which means you experience no sensation during the treatment.

CACI Booster Facial, 1HR 15 MINS €100

 Combining all the lifting and toning moves from the Classic facial with the controlled and precise removal of superficial dead skin cells to reveal a more youthful complexion. Ideal for a dull tired complexion.

CACI Ultra Facial, 1 HOUR 30 MINS €120

The ultimate skin treatment combining the Classic and Booster Facials plus photo stimulation technology  to effectively plump out deep lines and wrinkles. This treatment is the needle free alternative to collagen injections and other dermal fillers.

CACI Eye Lift – 20 MINS €45

This treatment will lift and firm around the eye area, particularly where people tend to lose definition as they age, known as hooded eyes. This treatment will also help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

NIMUE products are incorporated into the cleansing, mask and day care stages of all of the above skin treatments.

Buy a course of 10 CACI facials for the price of 8 saving €180-€240 euro based on original treatment price.

Super boost your CACI experience by adding the CACI HYDRATONE MASK for intensive skin hydration and firming (15 mins) for €15




Result: Anti Ageing/Rejuvenation

Microneedling is taking the beauty industry by storm! It uses the body’s natural biological processes to rejuvenate and repair skin. When we create trauma to the skin it triggers the natural wound healing response of the cells in the dermis to repair and self-regenerate. Part of the wound healing and repair process is the body’s ability to produce collagen. As we grow older our collagen production declines, Micro needling super boosts the collagen production which plumps the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduces the appearance of stretch marks, improves laxity and scarring and gives a general rejuvenating glow to the skin. The process originates from a clinical concept which was introduced for treating subcutaneous scars and wrinkles .

At The Skin Cellar we use a microneedling pen, the pen has a disposable attachment at the end containing six needles. The needles we use are a high grade needle and obviously are sterile. We follow strict hygiene rules throughout all our treatments at NailBou. First, the skin is cleansed and prepared for treatment. The micro needling pen can be altered in depth which is a great advantage over the roller method that you may see elsewhere as we can vary depth according the areas on the face that are more sensitive. We can also provide a needling service that reaches the dermis layer of the skin. Micro needling will not produce the required results if we only micro needle to the depth of the epidermis. During the micro needling treatment we use Nimue transdermal solutions which are incorporated into the skin and can reach deeper into the skins dermis due to the action of the micro needling pen thus achieving better results.

The treatment is not painful and a full consultation is required before your appointment where we can describe and discuss clients expectations. We recommend a course of treatment to begin the process of rejuvenation followed by several yearly treatments.  The amazing result with micro needling is that it continues to produce desired results up to three months following the initial treatment. This is due to the different types of collagen being produced at different stages following treatment.

We conclude the treatment with Casmara Algae mask to cool down the skin, clients can take this home and reapply. There is downtime with this service and there will be redness resembling mild sunburn following treatment. We would advise following the treatment with LED Phototherapy as it not only helps to calm and heal the skin but provides additional anti-ageing results.

Medical Micro Needing (1 HOUR)  (includes Casmara Algae mask and Nimue Trans Dermal solutions) – €160

Course of 6 – €800 (saving of €160)

Medical Micro Needling with LED Phototherapy (1 HOUR 20 MINS)  (includes Casmara Algae mask and Nimue Trans Dermal solutions) – €180

Course of 6 – €900 (saving €190)


LED Phototherapy

Result: Anti Ageing/Problematic

We owe this revolutionary treatment to NASA who discovered that astronauts in space actually healed faster due to working under LED lights. Further research has found that LED wavelengths contribute to positive results in the skins healing and ageing process. We use two types of light:

Red with a wavelength of 630nm penetrates deep into the skin stimulating ATP production in the cells mitochondria. As with collagen production ATP production decreases with age and is responsible for providing the cell with energy. Increasing ATP will energise the cells to produce more collagen and stimulate cell repair and renewal.

Blue light has a wavelength of 415nm. The bacterium that causes acne is light sensitive particularly to blue light. The treatment kills bacteria and reduces the infection associated with it.

We also provide a combination of Blue and Red light, the blue light attacks the Propionibacterium and red light is shown to sooth inflammation and promote healing. This combination allows clients to enjoy both skin rejuvenation and anti-bacterial effects of the mask simultaneously. Our mask is CE approved as we have found many copies and lower grade phototherapy machines coming on to the market.

There are set guidelines to the length of time used and contraindications which will be discussed prior to treatment. The treatment is not painful and clients find it very relaxing.

LED Phototherapy as a stand-alone treatment (30 MINS) –  € 40

                                   or upgrade any Skin Cellar treatment by adding the LED phototherapy mask for €30

Buy a course of 6 LED phototherapy treatments for €200 (1 free, saving €40)



NIMUE Facial Treatments

Result: Anti Ageing/Rejuvenation/Problematic

‘The Deep Cleanse’

Nimue Deep Cleanse Treatment €60

A deep cleanse facial using the NIMUE AHA products. The treatment imcludes a double cleanse. An enzyme exfoliating. A steam extraction of pores to clarify the skin followed by Nimues trans dermal solutions and clarifying mask.


‘The Time out’

Nimue Therapeutic Treatment €60

A traditional facial starting with a double cleanse, exfoliating enzyme activated with steam, extraxtion if required, followed by a combination of trans dermal soultions and serum and mask specified to clients skin requirements. This is followed by a relaxing massage of the décolletage, neck and face. All our facial use the Nimue AHA system.


‘The Big Night Out’

Nimue Booster Treatment €80

If you need an instant glow or rescue facial this is it. This facial includes a double cleanse, an exfoliating enzyme activated with steam, a 15% bio-active complex (a superficial peel). Followed by Alpha Lipoic activator booster and super hydrating mask. Make up will glide on the face on the night!

‘The Make Over’

Nimue Active Rejuvenation Treatment €75 (buy a course of 6 for €375 saving €80)

This treatment kicks start any further advanced treatments you are thinking of investing in. The facial starts with a double cleanse an exfoliating enzyme activated with steam, the Bio active complex 15% superficial peel. Followed by a prescriptive Trans dermal solution, serum and an aliginate mask or collagen mask depending on clients skin analysis. This treatment develops into a weekly course that allows us to increase the time every week of the bio-lacto complex increasing the skins tolerance to the products to develop into the advanced glycolic and salicylic peels. Skin looks and feels completely new!

Nimue Eye Treatment

Specifically designed for the delicate area. An eye serum, collagen enriched eye film and mask provides intense deep hydration and a more youthful appearance.

Nimue 35% Glycolic Treatment

A standard active skin exfoliation treatment indicated for environmentally damaged, hyper pigmented and problematic skin classifications. The Glycolic peel treatment provides a controlled and predicable removal of dead skin cells. This treatment improves the texture and appearance  of the skin.


HYDRATONE MASK – Intensive skin hydration and firming – 15 mins €15

FACIAL MASSAGE. – Time out!- relaxing and rejuvenating – 20 mins – €20

CASMARA MASK – Algae peel off mask – 15 mins €15

LED PHOTOTHERAPY MASK –Rejuvenating/anti-ageing/ acne solution 25 Mins -€ 30


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