Waxperts – Why We Love It!

Waxperts – Why We Love It!


Waxperts is rapidly becoming one of the most popular wax brands for salons throughout Europe. This is why we have chosen Waxperts for our new salon Wax & Tan Suites which opens in 2018. What makes Waxperts our wax of choice?

The Waxperts waxing technique is unlike any other waxing technique to ensure optimum comfort for the client without compromising on results. The Waxperts brand has a range of waxes and products for different skin and hair types so your therapist can choose the most appropriate products for each individual. Strip wax is used on the legs, back and arms and hot wax is used on the more delicate areas such as the underarms, face and bikini.

Not only do they have a host of professional products they also retail a range of at home products to keep your skin in tip top shape between waxes to help you to achieve amazing results at each wax.

They have a strict no double dipping policy, what does this mean? Double dipping is when the therapist takes a blob of wax from the pot with a spatula and applies it to the skin, then dips that same spatula back into the waxpot for another scoop of wax. That means that any dead skin, sweat, oil and even bacteria from the client is going straight back into the waxpot, this wax is then being used on the next client and so on. Double dipping causes cross contamination and can transfer infections from one person to the next, a warm wax pot is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria! You would be surprised at how many salons will double dip and will use the excuse that the temperature of the waxpot will kill any bacteria – this is false. The temperature of a waxpot will never be hot enough to kill any bacteria.

No double dipping means once the spatula is used to apply wax to the client it is thrown straight into the bin and a new clean spatula is used for the next patch of wax. Because Waxperts wax melts at a lower temperature than other hot waxes the skin is less red and irritated after removing. A prewax oil is applied to the skin before waxing to prevent the wax sticking to the skin. It will only stick to the hair which greatly reduces pulling on the skin and discomfort.

Waxperts wax is very flexible which means it will never snap when removing (if you have ever had hot wax snap when being removed you will know how uncomfortable it is when the therapist tries to pick the wax left behind off!).

All of this along with the fact that Waxperts an Irish brand, founded by two women means we at the Wax & Tan Suites cannot wait to start working with this fantastic brand.


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