What are nail extensions?


What are nail extensions?

Can’t grow your nails?… then maybe nail extensions are the treatment of choice for you.


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This service can take up to an hour and fifteen minutes to apply and is a very skilled process if done correctly. We first prepare and clean the nail to ensure a firm and long lasting service ( up to 2-3 weeks) . A tip is then added to the nail and filed, blended and shaped to your required shape and length.

Gel or acrylic is then applied. A simple comparison of these products would be to describe gel as a substance that cures under U.V. light it is a flexible material and is removed by filling away the substance.

Acrylic is applied by mixing a powder and liquid that cures and dries quickly in air. It is a harder substance less flexible than gel and is removed by soaking away the substance . There is no difference in the appearance between Gel and Acrylic nails.

Your Nail technician will advise you on the best substance for your lifestyle please mention this on booking your appointment so that you can be placed with a member of staff who can apply both types of extension.

Once the gel or acrylic is applied it is filed and buffed into shape. The shape has to have a certain shape to allow longevity of the extension. We then apply a gel colour of your choice.

This service should last with the correct aftercare between 2-3 weeks at which point most people return for a Refill.

A refill takes one hour and we file down the substance and fill in the gap that is now showing between your cuticle and the bottom of the acrylic and gel. At this service you can choose a different shape and bring down the length if required and change the colour.



Aftercare sheets are available and solar oil for purchase at the end of your service to prolong and get the best out of your visit!.