What Nails Should I Choose?

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What Nails Should I Choose?

Here at The Nail Boutique we offer a wide range of nail treatments to suit every lifestyle. Our staff are highly trained in the latest and greatest nail treatments on the market. Unsure of what nail treatment to choose? We’re here to help! Below is a list of the various nail treatments we offer.


Exactly what it says on the tin, we will file and shape your nails, push back your cuticles and apply polish to your nails. We use CND Vinylux polish which is a high shine polish that dries quickly and lasts up to 7 days. This treatment suits those who want clean polished nails without the commitment of having to come back and have it removed. It is also ideal if you cannot (or do not want to have) nails on in every day life and have an event coming up. You can have your nails professionally polished before the event and remove it easily at home afterwards. We also retail CND Vinylux to use at home for those who love to paint their own nails and change their colour weekly.


Shellac is a high quality long lasting polish by the brand CND that has to be professionally removed. It applies like a regular polish but each layer is cured (hardened) under an LED light. It lasts anywhere from 2-3 weeks depending on your nails and lifestyle. It is very gentle on the natural nails (once removed correctly) and soaks off in 5 minutes using the CND Nourishing Remover. It is the ideal treatment for those who want long lasting high shine polish on their nails.


Gel polish is a cheaper alternative to CND Shellac. There are many different brands of gel polish. It is harsher on the natural nail and does not remove as easily. It needs to be filed and then soaked for 15-20minutes in Acetone. The remaining polish then needs to be buffed off. Like Shellac it is the ideal treatment for those who want long lasting polish on their nails.


Acrygel is a mix of Acrylic and Gel, it combines the best parts of each product. It is much thinner on the nail than Gel or Acrylic. It can be applied straight onto the natural nail for extra strength or tips can be applied for added length but they cannot be too long. It is cured (hardened) under an LED Light. It removes easily by soaking with acetone so is not as harsh on the natural nails as Gel or Acrylic. This is an ideal treatment for those looking for extra length and strength but want something more natural looking than gel or acrylic that removes easily.


Gel can be applied onto the natural nail for strength or tips can be added for extra length. Gel comes in a tub and is a runny consistency. It is applied to the nail and is cured (hardened) under a UV/LED Light. It is very flexible on the nail and needs to be filed off to remove. They need to refilled every 3-4 weeks to prevent damage to the nail and to prevent infections. It is the perfect choice if you want long strong nails.


Acrylic nails are similar to Gel Nails in appearance and longevity. It can be applied on the natural nail or a tip can be applied for extra length. Acrylic comes in a powder and liquid form that is mixed together before being applied to the nail. It does not need to be cured under a lamp. It is a lot harder than gel but because it is not as flexible it does tend to be prone to lifting, so if you have your hands in water a lot (hairdresser, cleaner etc) it would not suit your lifestyle. We recommend a refill every 2-3 weeks to prevent lifting. It can be removed by filing the bulk down and soaking the remainder in acetone. It is a great option for those who want longer, stronger nails but are in general hard on their nails (e.g typing a lot, working on tills).

As you can see we have an option for everyone! Give us a call today or book online here.