What Waxing Style Should I Choose??!

What Waxing Style Should I Choose??!

It can be hard enough to pluck up the courage to book a bikini wax without fretting over which one you want to have done. We’re here to make it easy for you.

First of all, lets get the embarrassment out of the way, there is NOTHING to be embarrassed about. We all have hair, we all have the same body parts and our Waxperts have seen it all. By now we don’t even see the body part, all we see is an area with hair that needs to be removed.

Now onto the good stuff, which wax to choose. Of course it is all down to personal preference, some ladies like just a tidy and others like it all removed. There is no right or wrong.


BASIC BIKINI: This is a modest bikini wax, the underwear is kept on and the hair that would be visible around the sides of a bikini style underwear is removed. Basically what is on the leg and crease of the leg. This is suitable for those who prefer to keep as much hair as possible while still looking tidy.

CALIFORNIAN (extended): This is a tighter wax, the underwear is removed and any hair that would be visible when wearing a bikini or a thong is removed. It goes slightly in further than your standard bikini. This is ideal for those going on holiday or those who swim regularly who do not want to remove all the hair.

BRAZILIAN: A classic Brazilian wax, the underwear is removed and all hair underneath and on the bum is removed, a small strip or triangle of hair is left on the front.

HOLLYWOOD: This is a very probably our most popular wax. The underwear is removed and all hair is removed from underneath and on the front leaving the area completely bare.

As you can see, once broken down, the differences are very simple. If you are still unsure or nervous about waxing, start at a Basic or Californian and see how you like it, you can always book for a tighter wax the next time!

Don’t forget you can book your appointment online without having to call, this is handy if you are booking in a public place and do not want to tell the world about your waxing!! Our Waxperts are very discreet when you arrive and leave so please don’t be worried about others knowing your business.

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